CCT is one of the well-established part of the implementation of assembly services for plants in the Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy boasting an operational presence in the field of over 20 years.

The range of CCT is characterized by the combination of specific strategic engineering skills and a mindset strongly oriented to the construction and service of plants that, through an extremely driven planning of activities and the competence and experience of its technicians and of its workers, allowing to ensure compliance with the targets of the customer and a performance of works characterized by a high level of quality and in full compliance with the most stringent security requirements.

CCT is able to offer multidisciplinary installation services that can cover the entire range of specializations realization. This ensures the highest level of integration between the various disciplines, to the benefit of overall execution security and optimal management of the phase of pre-commissioning preparatory to a rational execution of the start-up of the plant activities.

To integrate the assembly activities CCT can offer a wide range of activities in its own workshops primarily include: prefabrication of pipes and steel structures, construction of pressure components and pressure vessels varies guaranteeing, thereby the execution of all works in an integrated system of quality assurance.

CCT has a fleet of operating vehicles and lifting, thus allowing the complete management of each stage of construction.